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Wallreads visualises the wisdom contained in non-fiction books through beautifully designed posters. This short post outlines how a combination of reading the 'The Doorstep Mile' and encouragement from the Rebel Book Club motivated me to live more adventurously, and finally launch Wallreads!


"Get off the phone. Get off the couch. You have more time than you imagine. Stop armchair adventuring."

Many people dream of creating a fun, fulfilling and perhaps even wildly successful side-project. We long for the autonomy to do what we love, to determine our own work schedule and to achieve financial freedom. For most, this idea remains a fantasy, me included.

I've read countless books on launching lean projects, listened to podcasts and completed numerous hackathons. In short, I had all the preparation and tools I needed. I even had what I believed to be a perfect idea. This idea aligned with one of my biggest passions, reading non-fiction books and applying the learnings to my own life.

My idea was simple. I hoped to capture the key concepts from my favourite books and display these as beautifully designed posters that people could display with pride in their homes and workplaces. By prominently visualising the lessons contained in books I hoped to encourage readers to apply the wisdom to their daily lives.

Despite all the preparation and know-how, something held me back, preventing me from following the steps I supposedly knew so well.


"Life is busy. But it is also for living. You’ll never have a life as good as this one again. Make the most of it."

Excuses. There are always numerous excuses. I was busy exploring a new city, balancing the demands of the day job and questioning whether a market even existed for Wallreads. It's easy to find a barrier to starting. Despite some initial progress, I struggled to take the important step of actually launching. So the idea remained high on my someday/maybe list, to be revisited sometime.

Like a stubborn stone in a shoe, the idea persisted in my mind, forever gnawing on my attention. As a natural executor, it pained me to reflect on my inaction. I knew there was little truth in the excuses I fed myself. The nudge I needed finally came early this year, thanks to the book selection and encouragement of the Rebel Book Club community.


"Do something daily that excites you, makes you happier and curious. Something that scares you a little."

January came, as it always does, with a sense of resolve. This feeling was compounded when ‘The Doorstep Mile’ was the choice of book in the Rebel Book Club. This book explores simple methods to introduce new adventure into our lives. The messages in this book were synonymous with my own thoughts - was I living adventurously and stretching beyond my comfort zone?

The book forced me to re-examine my excuses and motivated me to launch my idea. I crowd-sourced the top quotes from the bright minds of the book club and friends, using the wisdom of the crowd to capture the wisdom of the author, Alastair Humphreys. His support on the evening of the club's monthly meet-up provided further encouragement to progress.

Of course, this is just the beginning. Like all side-projects, everything takes more effort than initially estimated and balancing the time with life's other priorities is a constant challenge! But now I have overcome my doorstep mile. Wallreads is real and serves as a reminder for the messages in this book so that I don’t go back to playing within my comfort zone, and continue to live every day as an adventure.

Check out Wallreads for the first release of posters inspired by 'The Doorstep Mile'. I look forward to more releases in the coming weeks! 

Special thanks to:
  • Alastair Humphreys - Writing 'The Doorstep Mile' and providing great feedback at the book club meet-up. This initial validation confirmed that the idea wasn't totally off the wall.
  • The Rebel Book Club - Selecting 'The Doorstep Mile' and encouraging members to action the advice. If you are looking to join a book club, I can't recommend highly enough. 
  • Sara Celik - Designing the first release of beautiful posters!



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